Inspiring Children Through Business

At BizWorld UK, we believe in inspiring children to do extraordinary things. We know that tomorrow’s jobs and economy are going to be created by leaders and entrepreneurs we foster today. Not every child will be an entrepreneur when he or she grows up, but we can inspire every child to have an entrepreneurial spirit: to lead confidently, think critically and creatively, be financially responsible, and understand the value of teamwork.

The BizWorld foundation was originally set up in 1997 by venture capitalist Tim Draper who saw a need for inspiring entrepreneurship in children.

BizWorld UK provides fun, project-based programmes that promote financial responsibility, leadership and teamwork skills for 10-13 year old students. By teaching them these skills, children become 21st Century thinkers. We give children the opportunity to create businesses in a real-world environment while giving them a safe-space to develop their talents and gifts, learn by trying out their innovative ideas, and make the critical connections to their futures.