BizWorld UK, teaches children the basics of entrepreneurship, business, and finance in a hands-on manner. This project-based learning programme gives children the opportunity to learn first hand how to start and operate their own business. Working in teams of five/six, students start, fund, and run their own company in the friendship bracelet industry, travelling through the entire entrepreneurial cycle of designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling their bracelets. They raise capital – not actual money, but ‘BizPounds’  – by pitching to venture capitalists and selling stock and/or by taking out bank loans. The decisions that the companies make are entirely student-driven. The students decide everything from what to name their company to how many products to make and how much to charge for them, while keeping careful financial records throughout. The programme culminates with the Sales Bazaar, a wonderful opportunity for you to engage other students at your school, parents, administrators, and community members as customers, and the first chance for the students to see if their business strategies will pay off. First, students perform TV adverts they have created to promote their products and then the selling/negotiating begins in earnest! At the end of the Sales Fair, the students add up their revenue, subtract their expenses, and repay their debts, to determine whose company is ultimately the most profitable and is awarded the BizWorld trophy.

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