Years 6-8

Timeline – typically runs over 2/3 days


  • Learn basics of how a business works
  • Divide into teams and set up a company
  • Apply for jobs in the company (e.g. CEO, Director of Finance, etc…)
  • Determine their company’s identity
  • Present a business plan to “venture capitalists” and sell shares of the company in exchange for initial funding
  • Keep track of finances (cash in, cash out) and pay expenses throughout the competition
  • Design bracelets and create prototypes
  • Manufacture bracelets
  • Apply for a bank loan as needed
  • Create a marketing campaign, including a unique logo, slogan, and advertisements
  • Sell their product (bracelets) to customers, thereby creating revenue
  • Calculate final finances to determine whether or not the company was profitable
  • Reflect on the process to think about how decisions affected the company

Teacher Benefits

  • Connects academic content to the real world
  • Enhances Life Skills: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity
  • Project-based and interdisciplinary
  • Links with Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 PSHE and citizenship curriculum
  • Meaningful way to engage parents/volunteers in your classroom
  • Built in student assessment

Student Benefits

  • FUN and engaging!
  • Links their academic studies to skills needed in the working world
  • Showcases their individual talents and gives them an opportunity to discover new skills and interests within themselves
  • Opportunity to work in teams and work with different peer groups
  • Change of pace; opportunity to move beyond the desk
  • Great practice for speaking and listening skills when they present to a crowd