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LONDON, October 11, 2018 – In honour of the International Day of the Girl Child, The BARDOU Foundation is hosting a star-studded charity evening today 11th October 2018 at the former home of the legendary Annabel’s private member’s club in Mayfair. This scintillating evening of glamour and charitable giving will mark The BARDOU Foundation’s third exclusive event in its continued efforts to raise awareness and funds for the needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable women and girls. Founded in 2017, the Foundation seeks to create opportunities for those who lack the necessary support infrastructure to access life-changing resources and prospects.


“I always knew, even as a young girl, that hard work should go beyond benefitting a company and its customers. It should also benefit the less privileged, who lack the necessary support infrastructure to access life-changing opportunities. That’s where the BARDOU Foundation comes in… it seeks to create opportunities.” Charrlotte De’Davis, Founder of The BARDOU Foundation


Among the eight charities is BizWorld UK, which provides fun, project-based programmes that promote financial responsibility, leadership and teamwork skills for 10 to 13-year-old students. By teaching them these skills, children become 21st Century thinkers. BizWorld is based on best practice experience from entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and gives children the opportunity to create businesses in a real-world environment while giving them a safe-space to develop their talents and gifts, learn by trying out their innovative ideas, and make the critical connections to their futures. The course is localised to UK business, and is taught in the classroom as a 3-day workshop or a weekly lesson over a term. School teachers get certified to teach it themselves.


Bizworld UK has partnered with, which was co-funded by Founders Forum Brent Hoberman, to provide a mobile learning community platform to train School Teachers to deliver the course in their schools.


“Bizworld provides teachers with an excellent opportunity to enrich the curriculum, making available easy to use tools and content to help educate children on business skills, bringing real world examples to the classroom, and inspiring them with an entrepreneurial approach. We are excited to partner with Bizworld UK and support their nationwide expansion through our SmartUp Learning Experience Platform.”  Frank Meehan, Co-founder and CEO of


Since 2012, BizWorld UK has delivered entrepreneurial education to 3600 children in both state and independent schools in London. BizWorld UK is now announcing the availability of its programmes to all schools across the UK, with an aim to reach over 20,000 children by 2020.


Schools can access the programme at no cost, being supported by Corporate Sponsors that provide volunteers to help teachers deliver the course and donate the fees to BizWorld UK. To bring BizWorld to your school apply at  here.


The BizWorld programme is a great initiative for children, parents and teachers alike. It’s a proactive, proven model that plants the seeds of entrepreneurship and business in school children who are starting to make decisions about their future – inspiring the next wave of future entrepreneurs. We are very happy to support this initiative,” says Venture Capitalist Nenad Marovac, CEO of DN Capital.


Speaking about the IDGC initiative, Lorena Szerman, Founder of BizWorld UK, said:


 “We are very honoured to have been selected to participate in this fantastic event hosted by the Bardou Foundation, and to be part of the eight selected charities that will be receiving donations. This is a community of social impact organisations that are making significant contributions to the lives of girls, women and children in the UK, providing opportunities for education and development.”


As the evening unfolds, eight influential female ambassadors will each represent one of the night’s spotlight charities, with 100% of proceeds from ticket sales and prize auctions also being donated to the eight charities, totalling a significant contribution to all.


 “The beauty of this spectacular event lies in the combined efforts of the organisers, sponsors, attendees and donors from all over the world, that have come together to support the outstanding efforts of eight exceptional charities working tirelessly to create promising futures for thousands of under-privileged women and girls around the world.” Charrlotte De’Davis, Founder of The BARDOU Foundation


British businessman and philanthropist Richard Caring has kindly donated the use of the venue. His events team at Urban Caprice have helped put together a spectacular menu with wine pairing for guests on the evening. Other sponsors for the night include Jack Barclay Bentley, The Ritz London, La French Vodka, ISAWITFIRST.COM, Seksy Wrist Wear by Sekonda, BARDOU BEAUTY and music sponsor Boogie in Wonderland – Ibiza.


About BizWorld UK

BizWorld was established in the UK in 2012 in partnership with, a global non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California, whose mission is to empower children to become 21st century thinkers by awakening their entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring them to become the architects of their futures, and giving them the confidence to transform their communities. was founded 21 years ago by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper. BizWorld UK provides localised courses that teach students real-world 21st century skills such as financial management, collaboration, negotiation and leadership that encourage them to become the financially responsible leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Since 2012, BizWorld UK has delivered entrepreneurial education to 3600 children in both state and independent schools in London. BizWorld UK is now announcing the availability of its programmes to all schools across the UK, with an aim to reach over 20,000 children by 2020.  For more information, please visit


About The BARDOU Foundation and BARDOU BEAUTY

In 2017, British lifestyle brand BARDOU BEAUTY announced the highly anticipated launch of The BARDOU Foundation, an organization that champions women and provides resources to help them shape their professional future. BARDOU BEAUTY empowers women to find and embrace their own personal version of beauty through a range of exceptional products, spa services and online academies for the education of women in the beauty industry.  As the business’ charitable arm, The BARDOU Foundation seeks to motivate, guide and inspire young women in carving out careers and encouraging entrepreneurship. The Foundation also allocates funds to charities involved in education and self-improvement. Support is long-term and continues beyond the grant, with additional training available, as well as employment opportunities within BARDOU BEAUTY, should they arise. So far, The BARDOU Foundation has donated thousands of pounds to the Prince’s Trust and is now funding girls within the charity to gain level 2 accredited BABTAC qualifications in beauty, as well as teamwork and communication skills.


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